Tergeo Plasma Cleaner

Tergeo plasma cleaner is a vacuum system that generates plasma under low pressure to remove hydrocarbon and other surface contamination and change the surface energy as well as improve the bonding strength. This system has two modes (i.e., direct and downstream mode) with continuous and pulsed plasma. Tergeo plasma system can adjust the RF power wattage and rate of gas flow.

Capabilities and specifications:

  • Controlled atmosphere: Air or O2
  • The maximum chamber diameter is 160 mm
  • Different cleaning modes and operation methods
  • User-edited recipes and up to three cleaning steps in job sequence
  • Three operation methods (i.e., automatic recipe execution, automatic job sequence execution, and manual operation)
  • 2mm thick high purity quartz plate
  • Three mass flow-controlled gas inputs

Contact: Dr. Moneim Ismail or Dr. Liang Dong