Photonic Crystals, developed at Microelectronics Research Center

The Microelectronics Research Center is a member of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology, a consortium of basic research and technology development and transfer centers at Iowa State University.


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The Microelectronics Research Center (MRC) at Iowa State University is a multi-disciplinary center focusing on the study of semiconductor materials, devices, and applications. Its purpose is to bring together researchers from engineering and the basic sciences in a collaborative atmosphere to pursue fundamental and applied research in semiconductor electronics and photonics. The MRC is part of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT), an umbrella organization that ties together the research work of a number of ISU centers.

Established in 1984, the MRC's technical emphases are on photovoltaics, organic electronics and photonic band gap research. The MRC, which works with small to large industrial firms in Iowa and beyond, is located in the Applied Sciences Complex, one mile northwest of ISU's central campus.

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Vikram L. Dalal, Director
Anson Marston Distinguished Professor
133 Applied Sciences Complex I
1925 Scholl Road
Ames, IA 50011
(515) 294-7732, Fax (515) 294-9584

High School Teacher Tony McCutchan working with Dr. Dalal's students on organic solar cell research in summer 2015