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Research Areas

  • Micro-nanoelectronics and photonics

To advance the frontiers of micro-, nano-, and quantum-based electronic and photonic materials and devices for a broad range of application domains, including Internet of Things, energy, communications, sensing, biomedicine, and advanced manufacturing.

Biswas, Rana; Dong, Liang; Huang, ChengKim, Jaeyoun; Lu, Meng; Que, Long; Song, Jiming

  • MEMS, sensors, and microfluidics

To enable a new level of accuracy, power consumption, flexibility, tunability, wearability, and reliability by bringing in adaptive, machine-learning capabilities to material and structural designs, and inventing new technologies for miniaturization, fabrication, integration, and energy efficiency.

Claussen, Jonathan; Dong, Liang; Juarez, Jaime; Kim, Jaeyoun; Lu, Meng; Laflamme, Simon; Pandey, Santosh; Que, Long; Shrotriya, Pranav; Yu, Chenxu

  • Nanomaterials, low-dimensional materials, structures, manufacturing, and devices

To meet the demand for cost-effective and environmentally clean solutions to the world’s energy problems through innovating energy conversion, storage, and conservation technologies such as next-generation photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors. To develop scaled-up, cost-effective manufacturing of nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and systems for sensing, communication, and computation.

Dalal, Vikram; Dong, Liang; Hu, Shan; Jiang, Shan; Kim, Jaeyoun; Que, Long; Wang, Qun; Wang, Xinwei; Yu, Chenxu