Fee Structure

Fee For Service*

1. We charge a low hourly rate for each tool; and
2. $300 per semester (Spring, Fall or Summer) basic charge that covers the following items:
  • Commonly used supplies
Tweezers, cleanroom wipes, gloves, glassware. 
  • Commonly used materials
Photoresist AZ5214, developer, isopropanol, acetone, and DI water  

Aluminum, chromium, titanium, and nickel e-beam evaporation target material

  • Electrical characterization

Probe stations, semiconductor analyzers, four-probe resistance, oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, LCR meter, and network analyzer.

  • Optical characterization

Surface profiler, Filmetrics (thin film thickness measurement), optical microscope, and stereo microscopes

  • Basic fabrication and sample preparation

Oxygen plasma treatment, spin coaters, various ovens, hotplates, mixers, analytical balance, wet chemical hoods

  • Storage cabinets inside the facility
  • Technical support from our staff for designing microfabrication process and measurement setup
Or, if you would like to have our staff run your examples, there will be a staff labor charge on top of the rate listed in the table below.

Charge rates for MRC equipment ($ per hour) – 2022/2023 (all prices subject to change)
Instrument ISU intramural user rates External user rates
Microfabrication Tools
MJB3 Mask Aligner24 50
MJB4 Mask Aligner24 50
MA6 Mask Aligner24 50
Nanoscribe 3D Printer 
54 100
Deep Reactive Ion Etcher46 100
Reactive Ion Etcher46 100
Denton E-beam evaporator66 70
Temescal E-­beam evaporator58 60
Sputtering58 60
Atomic Layer Deposition58 100
E-beam Lithography 67 100 
Rapid Thermal Process20 30
Wire Bonder15 30

Characterization Tools

Varian/Cary UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
50 60
Atomic Force Microscope 12 20
Raman spectrometer*
10 18
FTIR spectrometer*10 18
Scanning electron microscope (Raith) 48  68


Training session: Fee for training sessions is $47 per hour. Training sessions must be performed by Facility staff prior to facility and equipment access.