The MRC provides equipment and facilities for the teaching labs of several courses on the topics of microelectronics.


(Dual-listed with E E 432/ E E 532). (Cross-listed with MAT E). (2-4) Cr. 4.

Prereq: PHYS 232 and PHYS 232L; MAT E majors: MAT E 317; CPR E and E E majors: E E 230
Techniques used in modern integrated circuit fabrication, including diffusion, oxidation, ion implantation, lithography, evaporation, sputtering, chemical-vapor deposition, and etching. Process integration. Process evaluation and final device testing. Extensive laboratory exercises utilizing fabrication methods to build electronic devices. Use of computer simulation tools for predicting processing outcomes. Recent advances in processing CMOS ICs and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).


(Cross-listed with PHYS). (3-3) Cr. 4.

Prereq: E E 311 and E E 332
Basic elements of quantum theory, Fermi statistics, motion of electrons in periodic structures, crystal structure, energy bands, equilibrium carrier concentration and doping, excess carriers and recombination, carrier transport at low and high fields, space charge limited current, photo-conductivity in solids, phonons, optical properties, amorphous semiconductors, heterostructures, and surface effects. Laboratory experiments on optical properties, carrier lifetimes, mobility, defect density, doping density, photo-conductivity, diffusion length of carriers.


(Cross-listed with PHYS). (3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: E E 535
P-n junctions, band-bending theory, tunneling phenomena, Schottky barriers, heterojunctions, bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, negative-resistance devices and optoelectronic devices.