Become a New Lab User

Become a New MRC User

If your project needs patterning, depositing thin films (dielectrics, conductors, compound semiconductors, etc.), 3D printing sub-micron resolution structures, and/or conducting electrical and optical measurements, we are here to provide essential support and quality service. Please contact Prof. Liang Dong or Dr. Qingfeng Xing to learn more about the MRC and the facility users.

Access Policy
To access the MRC fabrication and characterization facility, all users must take operating and safety training before they are allowed in the labs. Users will also need to be trained and demonstrate proficiency on the tools they wish to use before they can operate them. Equipment time is generally scheduled through Online Calendar on a first-come, first-served basis.

The MRC fabrication and characterization facility operates in a similar fee structure to many other facilities of the same kind. Each tool has a hourly cost of use based on the cost recovery for using that tool. 

For detailed rates, please go to Fee Structure.