The atomic layer deposition (ALD) system Fiji G2 Plasma-Enhanced ALD can be used for thermal and plasma-enhanced film growth. This high-vacuum atomic layer deposition system is compatible with large area substrates. The system had full control over film growth processes that can include up to 5 precursors and 4 different gases for plasma generation. User-edited recipes can incorporate a variety of procedures, including substrate temperature (up to 500°C), precursor heating (up to 200°C), mass flow rate of ALD gases, pulse duration, and number of cycles. The high conformity and uniformity (<1.5% for alumina) of the system allows for high-precision growth down to monolayer thickness. Key applications of the system include high-quality films for wide bandgap power devices, organic semiconductors, optoelectronics, sensors, and MEMS. Our highly skilled research specialists can assist with the use of the system.


Capabilities and specifications:

  • Substrate area diameter up to 8”
  • Target materials: alumina, zinc oxide

Contact: Dr. Qingfeng Xing or Dr. Liang Dong