Nanoscribe GT2 3D printer

Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2 high resolution 3D printer is equipped with two printing modes (i.e., high-speed galvo mode and ultraprecise piezo mode), which enables printing 3D high-resolution feature sizes ranging from a few hundreds of nanometers to millimeters. Furthermore, the combinations of printer’s objective lenses and broad print materials and substrates serve different cutting-edge fields research in the fields of scientific microfabrication, industrial mastering, and integrated photonics. The application fields of 3D nanoprinter include, but not limited to, life sciences, material engineering, microoptics, nanophotonics, microfluidics, micromechanics, sensors, and MEMS.


Capabilities and specifications:

  • Nanoscale printing of submicron 3D structures
  • Microscale printing of features with dimensions from 50 to 700 mm
  • Mesoscale printing of millimeter-sized objects
  • A wide range of printing materials using different objective lenses (i.e., 10x, 20x, 25x, and 63x)


Contact: Prof. Liang Dong